Find a Trauma Informed Personal Trainer

Katie Hanger

B.A. Health and Exercise Science, NASM Corrective Exercise, USAW, CrossFit Level 1, CHFP Coach Academy
People interested in pursuing a collaborative coach with an emphasis on longevity and an attuned process. I work with those who are wanting to pursue embodied strength through fitness and mindset growth. Meets in person and virtually
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Nat Huerta, The Queer Gym, (she, her, ella, they, them)

Our mission is to make happy, healthy homos! Meets virtually

Mandie Vossenberg, she/her

I work with folks of all ages, genders, and fitness levels, in-person and online. I aim to help you acknowledge your potential and build capacity, strength, perseverance, and self acceptance/love on your own terms.

Cheri Paige Fogleman, she/her

NASM CPT, RRCA Run Coach, Pre/Post Natal Certified
I work with those new (and newly returning!) to fitness. Meets Virtually

Dena Coates (she/her)

TI-PT, NASM CPT, Spencer Institute Mind Body Fitness Coach
Compassionate, intuitive and fun personal training done completely at your pace. It is my honor to walk alongside you on your journey toward healing.
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Carrah Quigley (she/her)

TI-PT, Pilates Reformer/Mat, Yoga, Personal Training, Barre, Group Fitness, Spin
I work with people building personal safety and confidence to help them in the gym setting and privately to cultivate personal movement habits.

Terra Jansma (they/she/he)

TI-PT, Certified Personal Trainer, Animal Flow Level 1, 200AYT,
I work with rock climbers of all ages to build skills and strengths on and off the wall. My ideal client is someone who wants training autonomy, listen to their body, and learn to trust themselves. Located in Twin Cities, MN.

Melissa TK Hess (she/her)

TI-PT, NASM CPT, Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Fitness and nutrition are included in my executive coaching practice. I do not train clients individually for fitness.

Colleen Collins

TI-PT, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Canadian Counsellor C.C.C., Certified personal trainer
I work with individuals experiencing trauma, anxiety, ADHD, and OCD. Additionally, I work with the athlete population and Scoliosis patients

Garrett Plumley (he,him)

I have spent the last decade supporting individuals who are living with chronic pain, and/or identify as a highly sensative person (HSP). I work well with individuals who have a curiosity about the mysteries of life and enjoy waxing philosophical between sets!