Find a Trauma Informed Practitioner

Jessica Rabanzo-Flores (she/her)

TI-PT, NASM-CPT/ PROnatal Fitness: Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Level 2
I work with people of all genders, ages, and sizes who are wanting to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies, focusing on building strength and mobility for ease and energy in daily life. I guide and collaborate with my clients through functional movement and/or foundational dance technique.

Kiersten Latowski, she/they

Meets In-Person/Virtually
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Marina Wallner, she/her

TI-PT, Fitness and Personal Trainer (Austrian certification/Diploma), master's degree in Trauma Pedagogy
Marina works with anyone who likes to ditch the diet thinking and seeks to move for themselves to feel better. Virtual or in person in Vienna/Austria
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Julie Mizak, she/her

I work with women who are looking to gain more confidence in themselves. I want to be able to help them feel empowered being able to achieve all the goals they want.
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Sarah Rundel, she/her

TI-PT Applied Health & Human Performance Specialist (L3- Institute of Motion), NASM CPT, ACE- Group Exercise
Sarah works with folks engaging in movement and exercise in college/non-profit environments. She meets in person (Sewanee, TN) and Virtually
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Alex Sandiford, she/her/hers

Certified personal trainer healthcoach and nutrition coach. Somatic Experiencing Beg. 1
Works with female survivors of domestic abuse

John Lopez

TI-PT, Boxing Training

David Jaxon (He/Him)

TI-PT, NCSF-certified
Specializes in self-facilitated movement from an Equitable, BIPOC-Inclusive, 2SLGBTQIAA+, Fat-Positive, Trauma-Informed, and Disability-Aware practice. Located in Portland, OR. Offering virtual training

Christine Walker-McSpadden, (they/them)

Christine (they/them) is a proudly fat non-binary trans person, empowerment coach, and co-owner of Positive Force Movement, LLC. Their work focuses on helping fat folks reconnect to nourishment, movement, and their embodied selves. They interact with all of their clients and students through a trauma-informed lens while simultaneously honoring the impact that the forces of systemic oppression have upon fat folks and their bodies.

Kim “Coach Kimmie” Smith, she/they

Trauma Informed Personal Trainer / Movement Facilitator/ Bodyworker/Relational Somatic Practitioner living on Kō Hawaiʻi Paeʻāina ~ south of Hilo on the Big Island