Find a Trauma Informed Personal Trainer

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Olivia Bethmann (she/her/hers)

We support all bodies and offer specialty services for: Trauma victims, People living with mental health challenges, Pre and postnatal women, Older adults. In-person and Virtual.

Erin McMahon (she/her)

TI-PT, ISSA-CPT, ISSA-Nutritionist
I work with beginners of all ages who are looking to strengthen their mind-body connection through movement. My practice is body-neutral and strives to be radically inclusive. In-person through Life Time (membership required) and virtual.
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Lowe (they/them)

TI-PT, ACE Personal Trainer
I love helping new skaters learn how to skate while understanding how to move their body on and off skates.

Kymberly Nolden (she/her)

TI-PT, NASM - CPT, NASM - CES, AFAA - GFI, FRC - Mobility Specialist, GGS - PRE/Post Natal
Currently working with chronic pain and folks with imbalances. I also work with women and AFAB, especially those who live with Endometriosis. Virtual (in-person possible)

Keymo Pearson (he/him)

Special population of any age with conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and frailty . Speed agility and plyometrics track and field training. In-person and virtual

Sam Stuart (she/her)

TI-PT, LCSW-C, Pregnant and Postpartum Athleticism Coach, CFL2
I work with pregnant and postpartum populations, adults, and teens. In-person, Baltimore MD

Ellen Penn Berry (she/her)

I work with people across all age groups and body types from a Health At Every Size, Anti-Diet, Intuitive Eating, and weight neutral frameworks. I specialize in body image and body neutrality/body positivity, strength work for those who enjoy outdoor sports and activities, & older adults/active aging populations. In-Person in Charlottesville, VA & Virtual

Rob Guthrie (he/him)

TI-PT, Health Coach, Master Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Silver Sneakers
As a Trauma Informed Personal Trainer, I work primarily with Veterans and any active military personnel who have experienced a traumatic event. I help them feel connected in their bodies and process their trauma through movement and weightlifting. Trains in-person and virtually.

Exy-Fable Mars, xe/xem/xyr

NASM, Functional Movement, Movnat, Precision Nutrition, Trauma Informed Weightlifting
Queer, neurodivergent folx of all body types and abilities who want to become stronger and live with less pain.

Sara Gagnon, she/her

TI-PT, NASM CPT, PN1 Nutrition Coach
I work with female and nonbinary-identifying folks to build physical strength while working on their relationship with fitness and food. Virtual Training Only.