Find a Trauma Informed Practitioner

Austen Allen

Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist/Non-Restrictive Nutrition Coach
Based in Fort Collins, Colorado-Offers both in-person and virtual training sessions. Committed to helping others feel safe, strong, and secure in their bodies one day, one step, and one rep at a time.

Erica Austin

TI-PT/ Personal Trainer/ Brain HealthTrainer / CPPC / Movement Practitioner
Specialize in Child/Adult trauma and Domestic Violence, Brain health and brain injuries including Post Concussion Syndrome, movement for individuals with chronic Illness and pre & postnatal movement. Located in Amherst, New Hampshire.

Sarah Petty, she/her

HAES-aligned virtual nutritionist and movement coach making movement more accessible for people who don't feel comfortable in the gym. Specializes in size-inclusive strength training using dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. Virtual programming and @Nourish.Connect nutrition coaching.

Lisa Radz, Trauma-Informed Strength Coach

Creates an inclusive training experience, that is Free of homophobia, transphobia, and fat phobia. Located in Calgary Alberta Canada

Alexandra Grace Runnoe

Specializes in helping those who have recovered from an eating disorder or disordered eating in finding empowerment through weightlifting from a body neutral, HAES, and trauma-informed practice.

Jennifer Bigby

Located in Baltimore, MD

Gabriella Varga (she/her)

TI-PT, ACE Certified
I help active women who used to enjoy exercising but trauma changed their narrative, such as a damaging experience with a previous personal trainer, getting injured by overtraining, or losing muscle activation and sensory skills. My top priority is to make my clients feel heard, safe and empowered by their own choices while we work collectively as a team. I use the corrective exercise curriculum as well. Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada Offering in-person and virtual training sessions.

Emily Young, She/Her

Co-Creator TI-PT Certification, Specializes in working with clients with complex trauma histories and dissociative experiences. *Virtual sessions only*

Alexandra Papadopoulos

Alyssa Elbridge

Alyssa Elbridge, (she/her)

Located in Minneapolis, MN. Virtual and in person sessions available. Offers compassionate and body inclusive training that is centered on honoring the client's choice in their movement experience and works to build a sense of connection and safety within the body. Experience working with multiple autoimmune diseases. Sliding scale options available on a limited basis.