We provide evidence-based and trauma- specific clinical consultation services to direct care providers and organizations. We have consulted and provide expert testimony in a wide range of complex clinical issues. We specialize in rapport building techniques with complex trauma, traumatic bonding dynamics, exploitative relationships, and domestic sex trafficking of minors and adults. We provide one-time case consultations and longer term consultation agreements.

Consulting Services

Who We've Worked With

Department of Juvenile Services

Department of Human Resources

Law Enforcement

Federal Bureau of Investigations, Victim Services

State’s Attorney Office

Private Mental Health Agencies

Non-Government and Government Agencies for Mental Health and Advocacy

Meet Our Consultants

Laura Marques Brown she/her/ela

LCPC, Ecotherapist
Laura Marques Brown is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) working in the unceded territory of The Piscataway First Nation, also known as Annapolis Maryland. She specializes in Nature Therapy or Ecotherapy and has created a therapy model called Decolonizing Nature Therapy©. Laura’s identities include being cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied, and multicultural. She is white passing and is a first generation American born from immigrant parents. Laura’s work is informed by these identities, and she specializes in professionally collaborating with multicultural and multiracial individuals. In the field of ecotherapy there is a recognition of the important intersection between humans and the natural world. Due to various influences, this important intersection has become severed in our dominant culture. Laura works to decolonize this modality of healing which often involves naming why the disconnection happened in the first place: in large part due to the impacts of colonization.

Emily Young, LCSW-C, NSCA-CPT

Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer
Emily’s professional career as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional grounds her from a unique foundational perspective to train other personal trainers to become skilled in assessing trauma and becoming a Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer.

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