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our mission

Our mission is to provide organizations and professionals with training and education on trauma-informed practices and frameworks for change. We train from a value-based model of change making and support community and professional projects that center voice, choice, safety, collaboration and transparency in their programming.  

Founder & Creative Director

Chelsea Haverly


Meet Chelsea

I’m Chelsea Haverly, pronouns she/her, and the creatrix/founder of Hope Ignited. Hope Ignited is located on the traditional lands of the Piscataway, known today as Annapolis, Maryland. I think of myself as the nurturer of this company, but this company has never felt like it was just mine. While I created it, named it, and established its framework- this company is for a community of helping professionals who are committed to centering voice, choice, transparency, collaboration, and sustainability as pillars of their healing and business practices. The essence of Hope Ignited is to create a place to gather collective energy from different backgrounds, disciplines, frameworks, cultures, and communities and to support a collective desire to teach, serve, uplift, connect, and support one another in our fields of practice. 

I'm a mother to two strong-willed children (one of them who will always be my greatest teacher in life through her fiery spirit), a responsible eldest daughter, a listener, story keeper, writer, epic schedule juggler, and a voracious reader. I am deeply connected to my grandmother, whose wisdom and life lessons guide me today. As a young girl, people told me their issues and I found a purpose in listening and holding their stories. I believe our stories can be reclaimed and are forever changing. I am deeply connected to back road drives, the canopy of the forest, the smell of a campfire, and the depth and beauty of a mountain. I feel rooted and intuitive in my work and allow ideas to take off quickly when they feel right. I am meant to work with other people. I have no desire to do this deeply shifting and powerful work alone.

My superpower for problem solving has served me well. Though, my growth and journey continues to be looking for moments and practices that center ease, comfort, softness, and rest. What does it mean to create a practice of rest and sustainability in a capitalistic and grind culture centered world? Hope Ignited started as a way to pivot and care for myself differently. It started with the intention of reconnecting myself and others to the natural world by offering healers and helping professionals a framework to feel supported both internally and externally through a land-based healing retreat. This retreat was created with one of my dear friends and co-workers, but Covid had other plans for us and we shifted and pivoted (the word of the year in 2020). 

I am passionate about working with businesses and people looking to shift their personal and business practices to center trauma-informed principles.

 What’s your “Why” for doing what you do? 

Do you feel connected to your why?

If you hear yourself saying, “there has to be a better way” let's connect!

Chelsea’s Areas of Clinical Expertise:

I work and co-own a collaborative trauma-specific therapy practice in my community. For more information on my therapy work visit https://anchoredhopetherapy.com/about-us/team/chelsea-m-haverly-lcsw-c/

I work in the areas of:

Survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (children and adults)

Adolescent & Adult survivors of physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglect

Somatization of Trauma

Brain-Based Psychotherapy for Trauma

Trauma Bonding

Betrayal Trauma

Self-Injurious Behaviors/Harm Reduction

Depression and Anxiety

Dissociative Disorders

Vicarious Traumatization

Professional Burnout

First Responder Support

Meet Our Consultants

Lauren Jenkins, LCPC

Mental Health First Aid Trainer and Expert in Professional and Leadership Development
A sought out trainer, Lauren’s expertise include curriculum development and the facilitation of various trainings in the areas of community and organizational wellness, leadership, trauma-informed care, and mental health. She is a Certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer (Youth & Adult), through the National Council for Wellbeing; a Master Trainer in Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma Informed Care, and a certified facilitator of the various Cognitive Behavioral Programming.

Laura Marques Brown she/her/ela

LCPC, Ecotherapist
Laura Marques Brown (she/her/ela) is an Ecotherapist working in the unceded territory and tidewaters of The Piscataway First Nation, also known as Annapolis Maryland. Laura's framework, Decolonizing Ecotherapy©, a Trauma- Informed Therapy Model for Ecotherapists is a powerful ideological shift to learn, explore, and cultivate with both our internal human environment and our external natural environment.

Emily Young, LCSW-C, NSCA-CPT

Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer
Emily’s professional career as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional grounds her from a unique foundational perspective to train other personal trainers to become skilled in assessing trauma and becoming a Trauma-Informed Personal Trainer.

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